22 January 2021


I met the painter Patrick Neal in the early 1990s when he was a student at the Studio School on West 8th Street, a place I  have always considered both sophisticated and cool beyond measure. In need of money, and Patrick having introduced me to his friend Royalyne Ward-Davis, who hired the models for life drawing classes, I signed on, stripped, and struck (excruciating) poses for a year or so there. I also sat for a couple of paintings by Patrick, and we became lifelong friends. Presenting a selection of his paintings, drawings, photographs, and criticism here is a great pleasure. He is, to me, the ideal artist: serious, productive, rigorous, but also witty, playful, and fun. I hope you enjoy his work here, and I hope you'll visit his website, https://patrickneal-art.com/home.html. A handful of his paintings are still available for purchase. Contact him via his website. 

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Some good news: Sayeeda Copeland’s second installment of Queens will be ready, she says, by the end of January. Stay tuned. RW


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