Cruz in Cancun:

An experimental video opera

by Jessica Gould




Ted Cruz…….a very grating character tenor

Prince Beto….a heroic lyric baritone


A chorus of shivering Texans




Cowardly Cruz flies off to vacation in Mexico while his people suffer a massive power failure in the middle of a cold snap, the likes of which Texas has never witnessed before. The chorus of shivering Texans lament their plight in a stately scene that lasts a week and a half, at the end of which they all turn blue. (Va, Sombrero)


As the chorus concludes, heroic Prince Beto, a ruler in exile, rides in on a horse (Western style, not English) to deliver Barbecue and check in on seniors, all the while playing his harp and singing the beautiful aria dedicated to the Texan people, "O Du Mein Hold'em Lone Stern.” 


While attempting to return, Cruz gets bumped from his flight. While waiting in Mexico for the next one, he is crushed by a fragment of Trump's incomplete and poorly constructed wall, which falls on him. The people rejoice and Beto is crowned Senator.


The end. 


The role of United Airlines will be sung by Birgit Nilsson.


The chorus of Republicans will be played by puppets.


In a very special cameo appearance, the role of ERCOT (Electric Reliability Council of Texas) will be performed by Bozo the Clown.

Jessica Gould’s program notes are included in booklets and on the websites of numerous concert presenters. A soprano, artistic director, Italian translator, and writer, she performs and records in Europe and the United States, where she is the Founder and Artistic Director of Salon/Sanctuary Concerts, based in New York City. Additional journal publications include The Blue Nib and Belle Ombre (forthcoming).